Meet Jim Trier

Jim Trier has had many titles throughout his journey at ChildServe, including patient, visitor, advocate and volunteer. In 2016, he fulfilled a dream by adding “employee” to that list.

Jim first came to ChildServe in 2004 when he was just 9 years old after a malformation of blood vessels in his brain burst with no warning. After many surgeries and hospital stays, he started receiving therapy at ChildServe five days a week to continue his recovery. Those first few months, Jim and his family had a lot of uncertainties about Jim’s future – there was no way to predict how far his therapy could take him.

“He was so young when he started coming to ChildServe,” said Barb, Jim’s mom. “One of the first times we came home from therapy, I remember him looking at me and saying, “Mom, what will I ever do for a job?” We said we would try to help him get back as many of his skills as we could, but we really had no answers at that point.”

Even without knowing what the future held for him, Jim worked hard both to gain back skills and to encourage the people around him. Between therapy sessions he would chat with staff in the halls or strike up conversations with the other kids, always with a bright outlook and contagious sense of humor.

“I hardly ever see Jim without laughing,” said Sheila O’Neill, Jim’s long-time case manager. “He always draws such a crowd. If you go stand in the lobby with Jim, everyone will come up to him because he’s been known around here for so many years. He brings up the energy of everyone around him.”

As Jim got older and gained back more skills, he started setting new goals for himself. In occupational therapy he had learned to make copies, sort documents and type on a keyboard, and he wanted to put those skills to good use.

In 2013, Larry Stelter & Peggy Fisher decided Jim would take over some part-time office duties at the Stelter Company in Urbandale.

After working with an Employment Specialist at Candeo, Jim went through the interview process and employee training. He assists by filing completed press samples, preparing press plates, data entry, and invoice documentation preparation. Jim’s duties have allowed other employees to prioritize their main duties by taking tasks “that are other people’s responsibility but weren’t always the priority,” according to Stelter Human Resources Director Kristin VanHauen. “Jim is fulfilling a role in making sure that those duties get done in timely manner.”

Employees at Stelter say, “Jim the heart of the company. His presence makes a difference every time he works. He was the recipient of the 2015 Heart of the Matter award, which is given to an employee who has made the most impact.”


“I love working here,” said Jim. “I get to see everyone that I know and talk to them. I would work 24 hours a day, seven days a week if I could.”

Candeo Employment Services Administrator Catlin Curry states, “Jim is one of the most
dedicated employees I have ever seen. Jim likes to work and be helpful. You can tell in your interactions with him that he cares about the work he does.”

“He just loves the work,” Barb said. “He loves doing purposeful, meaningful work. I’m glad he’s been able to keep his positive attitude through so much adversity and discouragement in the beginning of his injury. It’s hard for Jim to plan far ahead because new things can always come up, but he’s happy where he is now. He’s an example of ChildServe’s mission – he’s living a great life.”

“I love working here,” said Jim. “I get to see everyone that I know and talk to them. I would work 24 hours a day, seven days a week if I could.”

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