100 Years of Vocational Rehabilitation

IVRS Administrator David Mitchell

IVRS is involved with how we Re-Think VR performance. This has been integrated into strategic planning, our State Work Plan and in management meetings. The VR program is celebrating 100 years of existence along with the 30 year anniversary of the ADA and 50 years of the passing of the Developmental Disabilities Act.  2020 is a perfect time to reflect, vision and Re-Think how we continue to make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities that we serve.  A quick summary of talking points are: 
The Intersection of disability expertise and business intelligence!  


Principle #1Innovating Solutions to achieve greater access to and use of vocational rehabilitation services. Our goal is to achieve the most effective outcomes for our customers

Principle #2
Building careers and retaining talent in America’s workforce by investing expertise and resources to benefit our customers.

Principle #3
Customizing Services and Expertise that provide flexible supports and services. We accomplish this through specialized strategies to meet the workforce goals of our customers.

Principle #4
Leading and Engaging in Collaborative Strategies with our partners who are working with us   to achieve greater collective impact at all system levels (national, state, and local). 

At the federal level, the Rehabilitation Services Administration is also celebrating our 100 year history. Click to be taken to the National page, which includes a podcast with RSA Commissioner Mark Schultz as he discusses the 100th Anniversary of Vocational Rehabilitation.

VR 100. Vocational Rehabilitation: 1920-2020.
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