Iowa Chapter and National Membership Value

Why Join the Iowa State Chapter of APSE?

APSE members are the foundation of advocacy for integrated employment. There truly is strength in numbers at local, regional, state-wide and national levels.

When you join APSE, you become a member of the National and State Chapter!

Member Benefits

Access to cutting edge, integrated employment news and information

  • Alerted to APSE policy action steps, through monthly and real-time updates with insights on policy issues
  • Access to APSE’s Professional Development resources, with available discounts on trainings at the national and local level, as well as e-newsletters, webinars, and integrated employment news and information
  • Availability to access the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation (JVR), the premier vocational rehabilitation journal
  • Pertinent Membership Updates from the APSE Executive Director, National Board of Directors, and Iowa Chapter Board
  • Voting status in board elections as a National and Iowa APSE Member

Gain insights into vital public policy issues

APSE members receive discounted rates for:

Expand networking resources

  • Network with over 3,000 members, including leaders in integrated employment, businesses, citizens with disabilities and families, providers and policy makers
  • Receive assistance in locating service providers or individuals from your state and region
  • Serve in a leadership capacity through chapter and national committees. Obtain referral services for employers, rehabilitation organizations, and citizens with disabilities or their family members

A group of people smiling for a camera.

Who Should Join?

Membership is open to anyone who wants to be a part of a grassroots network committed to ensuring that integrated employment continues to grow and improve for people with disabilities.

Sun over green hills art. Text: "ILLUMINATE" in an orange gradient. Text: "2021 APSE Virtual Conference: Lighting the Path Forward for Employment First." Images of 5 APSE members shown. Text: Illuminate”. National APSE. Lighting the Path forward for Employment First. Left to right: One white man pushing a cart. A white woman wearing a mask and a Taco Bell uniform. A Black man sits at his desk smiling. A white woman with a sunset behind smiles. A Latinx man wearing a mask smiles at camera holding up his paycheck.
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