Everyone enrolls in the Foundations Self-Study. It is a facilitated Self-Study that guides you through an introduction to Community Employment Services. You complete the activities at your leisure in the comfort of your own home or office. All assignments of the Foundations Self-Study are expected to be completed and submitted to your assigned mentor prior to attending the face to face training.

Topics include:

  • Benefits Planning
  • Competencies Needed for Quality Services
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Self-Employment
  • Orientation to Supported Employment
  • Best Practices in Community Employment Services
  • History of Employment Services
  • And More!

Upon completion of all Foundation Requirements, you will receive a Foundations Certificate of Completion. This Certificate is required before any other Certificate can be issued.

Once you register for the Series, you will be sent the Foundations electronically. Along with that e-mail, you will be assigned an IA-APSE Board member as a Mentor. That person will send you a “Welcome” e-mail and tell you a little about her/himself.

If you have questions as you work through the Foundations activities your assigned Mentor is the person to contact.  While he/she cannot do the work for you, he/she will be happy to provide guidance. Additionally, once you complete all the required Foundations Assignments you will submit them to this person—your assigned Mentor.

The Foundations is meant to be “fillable”, meaning that you respond right in the document.  If you have trouble, please contact your assigned Mentor for assistance.


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