Iowa APSE is proud to have a strong, unified voice advocating for equitable employment for all Iowans with disabilities.

Over the past 25 years, APSE has pursued specific legislative and policy changes that include:Iowa APSE members Bill and Kyle Stumpf, Kara Hess meeting with their legislator at the Iowa Capitol.

  • Promoting employment opportunities for all people, through local, regional, and national networks.
  • Placing an Employment First presumption in major disability laws.
  • Increasing reimbursement for providers who achieve employment outcomes at minimum wage or higher for individuals with disabilities, particularly from Medicaid funds.
  • Advocating with federal, state, and local legislators for legislation that promotes integrated employment.
  • Working with federal, state, and local policymakers to increase funding for integrated employment.
  • Raising awareness within the business community to the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.
  • Requiring that public programs blend and braid resources on behalf of those with significant disabilities.
  • Advocating for social change to help those with severe disabilities achieve a lifestyle just like those of individuals without disabilities.

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Current Federal Legislation that APSE Supports

Iowa APSE at the Capitol: 2023

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