About Us

Iowa APSE is the Iowa state chapter of the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE), a national organization committed to improving and expanding integrated employment opportunities, services, and outcomes for people experiencing disabilities. Iowa APSE invites individuals with disabilities, their families, employment providers, funders, employers and others to join with us in making community employment a reality for ALL people with disabilities.

APSE Mission & Belief Statement


To advance employment equity for people with disabilities.


All people with disabilities have competitive employment in an inclusive workforce


We believe that everyone can and should work, and have the dignity of determining their career path.

Belief Statements

We believe employment is the avenue to community and economic opportunity and independence.

We believe people have the right and responsibility to control the direction of their lives.

We believe in inclusion and the opportunity for full participation in the community.

We believe supports and services should be of the highest quality, person centered, and delivered with a sense of urgency.

We believe in promoting the involvement and participation of a diverse membership.

We believe networking and leadership are key to advancing community employment.

We believe effecting public policy to promote inclusive employment is vital

We believe that community employment is possible for anyone who chooses to work.

Why Is Integrated Employment Important?




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